5 Celebrities Whose Complexions We Want To Steal

When the skin on your face looks bad, it’s the first thing anyone notices.

Scarring, discoloration, wrinkles, and sunspots are all too damaging to fix with just creams and oils.   Once the damage is done, it’s there for good, and time will not heal all.  In fact, it’ll probably just get worse.

That’s  why we’re huge advocates for fractional laser treatment . It’s one of your only defenses against the sands of time, after you’ve finally accepted rubbing cocoa butter into your pores every night isn’t working.  Fractional laser technology actually stimulates the production of collagen.

To get you really inspired for the beautiful skin you could get to look at in the mirror every morning, we’re bringing you our five favorite celebrities with the best complexions.  Good skin doesn’t just come to those who wish for it.  Take your skin’s future into your own hands and get on these ladies’ level.

5. Olivia Palermo

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We’re jealous of Olivia’s blemish-free, golden complexion, and we want it.  And why not aim high when you’ve got fractional lasers on your side?  Olivia has a list of her own favorite skin care products, but we prefer to skip the wait times and just start looking like her as soon as possible.

If you’ve ever popped a pimple on your face and now have scarring because of it, consider yourself one step further away from ever achieving the airbrushed look Olivia has to her skin. You need to get into the deep dermal layers of your skin and treat scarring from the inside out.

4. Nicole Kidman

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Nicole’s kept herself looking almost porcelain soft, and that’s a huge thanks to Botox injections.  But we get it, needles can be scary and they’re not for everyone (although let me clear, they’re definitely for us).

So instead of injections, UltraPulse can be a much more digestible option if you want the baby-soft look without passing out from fear.  Fractional lasers only target the upper layer of the skin, so combat wrinkles by regenerating healthy tissue, the same way you did in your 20s.

3. Halle Berry

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Halle’s of the main beauties who pops into our heads when we think of someone with gorgeous skin. Halle Berry practically glows.

Halle is rumored to use a Fire and Ice facial, but we might have to chalk a lot of this one up to good genes. The most you can do is equip yourself with lasers to keep up.

Whatever her secret weapon is, what’s not-so-secret is that Halle is 47 years old, and she’s still looking like she might be in her late 20s, so what’s your excuses for the wrinkles?  If her skin can look that good, there’s no reason that yours shouldn’t look even better when UltraPulse gets involved.

2.) Liv Tyler

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We couldn’t make this list without throwing in the fair-skinned beauty from Lord of the Rings, and she’s slowly climbing the age ladder as well. At 36 years old, Liv is not only working with fair skin, which shows no mercy when it comes to blemishes,  as well as combating Steve Tyler’s horrible aging genetics.

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Fair skin can be one of the toughest skin types to work with.  Darker skin tends to hide imperfections better.  Instead of trying to defy your skin type by tanning and ending up covered in freckles, keep your fair complexion in tip top shape with a round of laser treatments, and get the dewy look that Liv’s got.

1.)  Gwenyth Paltrow

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The Queen Bee of beauty, Gwenyth’s website is filled with ways to emulate her that we love to check out.  But, just dressing and eating like her isn’t quite enough to get that flawless skin tone we’re looking for.

We want results as soon as possible, and with laser technology, your skin can be as blemish-free as Gwyneth’s after only one treatment and minimal downtime.  Sometimes, you just don’t have the time to try every skin product under the sun, like Gwen does.  And we’re definitely not getting mailed the hottest new products for free, like she probably is.

Using lasers to get the perfect skin isn’t cheating, it’s smart.  Get a leg up on your friends exfoliating over the sink every night, and we’ll let the lasers be our little secret.