Benefits of Cryotherapy

Take your Truth + Beauty experience to new levels of cool with our latest treatment, Cryotherapy!  At Truth + Beauty, we teamed up with CryoAir to bring you the best in Cryotherapy technology.  Cryotherapy offers beauty, health, and fitness solutions for your body; you’re going to love the benefits!



Watch Cori Goldfarb’s Cryotherapy Treatment here.

During your first Cryotherapy treatment at Truth + Beauty, you will experience sudden and brief spurts of extremely cool air.; temperatures reach -165 Celsius (-265 Farenheit) in our cryotherapy chamber.

Beauty Benefits of Cryotherapy

It’s time to add a new treatment to your beauty regimen!  Even out skin tone, reduce signs of aging, activate collagen production, reduce cellulite and give your body a metabolism boost with a Cryotherapy treatment.

Post-Workout Cryotherapy Benefits

SoulCycle instructor Mark cools down with Cryotherapy at Truth + Beauty!

Cryotherapy offers both beauty and fitness solutions for your body.  We know you love your SoulCycle and Bar Method classes, and Cryotherapy is the perfect way to finish your fitness routine.  Cool down and alleviate muscle soreness while improving stamina and energy, and increasing your metabolic rate during your Cryotherapy session at Truth + Beauty!

Medical Benefits of Cryotherapy

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Although Cryotherapy is a new phenomenon sweeping the U.S., Japan has been privy to the health benefits of extreme cooling for decades!  Emerge from post-therapy with a soothing spa treatment lined up to alleviate swelling, muscle soreness, joint pain and more.  The medical benefits of Cryotherapy include acne and psoriasis treatment, Rheumatoid arthritis, tissue repair, sports injury rehabilitation, and pain relief.

Cryotherapy’s Emotional Benefits

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Feel refreshed from inside out!  You’re going to love the endorphin rush from Cryotherapy!  This is a great treatment to give your mood a boost; alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression in less than ten minutes.

To book your Cryotherapy appointment at Truth + Beauty, call (516) 625-7000.