Don’t Forget your Sunblock when Traveling for Spring Break!

Whether you are on the beach or shoveling snow it’s never too late to start taking preventative measures against the sun and its harmful UV rays. Sunburns are likely to occur near both water and snow. Snow and water are very reflective. It’s just like amplifying the sun’s rays. People can get sunburns on cloudy days too, since the UV rays penetrate through the clouds. The sun’s rays are stronge… more

Wedding Season is upon us. Are you ready?

Best Manicure Color for that Special Bling Your left hand has become quite the subject of attention. Make sure your digits are perpetually manicured with colors that are best for displaying your new diamond-adorned finger. The best hues are the good old classic naturals. They’re simple enough to add just the right amount of polished shine without taking any of the attention away from your ring. He… more

Hi Trubu Mother of the Brides!

As mother-of-the-bride you’ll want your skin to look fabulous and smooth for your daughter’s big day. While clever skin creams will help, this is a great opportunity to treat your skin to some serious pampering in the months leading up to the wedding. Three months to go - Start a new skincare regime. Changing brands is good for your skin and what better excuse than a wedding? Start treating your… more