Care for Injections

After your moment of truth has come to pass, it can be a little rough getting back to your normal way of living. Some medical procedures can leave swelling or possibly bruise. There have been many advances with cosmetic injections, however sometimes the body does need a little time to rest. With the right kind of care, you can feel like your new and improved self sooner, rather then later. Before your visit, review this check list and speak with your doctor about after care.

What to Avoid:


It is important to wait to work out. Exercise causes the heart to pump blood quickly through your body. This will increase both swelling and bruising from your injection site. Sweat from your work out may cause the product to move around beneath your skin, so take it easy!

Rubbing the injection site.

Try not to rub the injected area. Pressure or excessively rub the injection site immediately after treatment may cause the carefully placed product to other parts of your face.

Blood Thinners.

Blood thinners will prevent your blood from being able to congeal and heal the wound. This will increase bruising and swelling. It is recommended that blood thinners should be avoided for 1-2 weeks prior to your appointment and at least 1 week after. Keep an eye out for these during your healing process: Green tea, Alcohol, Aspirin, Advil, Motrin, Ibuprofen, Certain prescription medications such as Heparin, Persantine, Coumadin, Vitamin E, Ginseng, Red Clover, Fish Oils, Gingko, Biloba, Flaxseed Oils, Omega-3, Garlic, and other herbal supplements that have known blood-thinning effects.

What to do


Ice is your best friend, as it will help alleviate pain and reduce swelling; we’ll always give you an ice-pack to take home after your treatment, but make sure to swap it for another colder one when it starts to melt.


Tylenol may be sage, however beware of Tylenol Arthritis or Tylenol Migraine. These have ingredients that will cause blood thinning which might cause swelling and bruising.


Keep your head up!

If you lie down or lean back, your blood is flowing slower from your head to your feet, and this can increase swelling. Try propping your head up with some pillows when sleeping.

Plan ahead.

We know not everyone has the luxury of taking a few ‘hide-away’ days after treatment, but if you plan right, you shouldn’t have to call in sick to work or miss out on a night with friends because of bruising. Make sure you allot the right amount of time after your procedure, just in case! If you have the weekend off, try getting a Friday appointment. If you have an important event coming up, schedule your appointment for one month prior to give you full recovery time and let the product reach its full effect. If it’s your first treatment (and you don’t know how you will react) try scheduling a few days off work and have a little stay-cation at home to pamper yourself!


Concealer and foundation can be applied immediately after treatment. Some may do this to hide any inescapable bruising and swelling. Though makeup can be applied, make sure to use make up that will not cause any irritation to your skin or force you to rub your face.

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