Feel Better This Summer With IV Nutrient Infusion

Feeling tired? Like you don’t have much energy? That’s natural around this time of the year, when the heat picks up and life slows down. But there’s a better way to combat those feelings than ordering a Venti frappuccino.

Different Drips

Come into our Long Island medispa and try a Myers Cocktail. Packed with magnesium, B Vitamins and Vitamin C, this classic healthy drip blend has been around since the ’70s and is a quick way to inject yourself with new life. Celebs like Madonna and Rihanna have been doing it for years for a fast way to make skin look better, rid their bodies of toxins and rehydrate.

long island medispa

Unlike ingestion, an IV drip bypasses the digestive system, which helps these vitamins and minerals enter your cells through the bloodstream for more immediate results. Custom drips are also becoming popular, with added elements such as mood-stabilizing amino acids and collagen-enhancing Vitamin C IV.

What It’s Good For

IV Nutrient Infusion is a great way to give your immune system a boost. It’s especially effective for ashtma, migraines, fibromyalfgia, hypertension, and the common cold. It’s even great after a long night on the town. It takes about an hour for the drip to take its total course and leave you in a super-recovered state. And when it’s administered by someone in a white coat, you can feel safe knowing that a medical professional is helping you relax and stay healthy.

long island medispa

A Healthier Option

Drip lounges are cropping up everywhere, from South Beach to the Vegas strip. In the next few years, you can expect IV nutrient infusion to be as widespread as Botox treatments. Here at Truth + Beauty’s Long Island medispa, we’re excited to bring you this service before the other guys, starting in the next couple of months. Keep reading our blog to learn more, or feel free to drop by and see what other treatments we offer to keep you looking and feeling good.