Forget Surgery, Tighten Up With Laser Technology

Let’s talk lasers.

We’re really big fans of laser technology at Truth + Beauty.  We’re especially big fans when Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and our faces look like the ghost of summer’s past.  Sun spots, new wrinkles we’re pretty positive we never had before, and just general signs of being in our late thirties. (Okay, maybe early forties, but who’s counting?)

So, the husband has Valentine’s Day dinner reservations at Rao’s, you’ve got your teensy red dress all lined up (you did get on board the HCG diet via our January recommendation, right?), but you’re looking a little like the Wicked Witch of the West with all these crazy lines and wrinkles.  So what’s a girl to do?

Destroy them with lasers.

Ditch the creams, they’re not working anyway

We’re a medical spa that doesn’t mess around.  We want results, we want them now, and we want to be back in power yoga within a few days.  So, why are you wasting your time with Vitamin E cream and tanning lotion, hoping that these measly cover-ups take the focus away from your giant pores and crow’s feet?

Spoiler alert: you’re not fooling anyone.

Truth + Beauty uses Lumenis CO2 Fractional Laser technology to zap away blemishes, wrinkles, and unsightly spots on your face, revealing a younger, sexier you in a matter of days.

Less invasive, just as effective

Botox injections and fillers can be a little scary, we know.  Plastic surgery is even scarier.  There’s a whole world of people out there that get queasy at the word “needle.”  If you’re one of those people who passes out every time your doctor reminds you that you need blood work, then it’s time you got on board with laser technology.

UltraPulse DeepFX laser treatments don’t cover up, and they don’t require months of maintenance.   After a few sessions, the laser treatments actually create collagen in your face, improving elasticity and perking up those droopy eyes and saggy skin around your neck.   By stimulating collagen, fractional laser treatment penetrates only the top layer of your skin.  Then, your body does the rest.

So instead of looking like a Joan Rivers reincarnate this Valentine’s Day because your terrible facelift has left you in a permanent state of surprise, consider a friendlier and less drastic option, with just as dramatic results.

Long Island Medical Spa


Fractional Laser Technology has come a long way, and even the New York Post has done a story on it.  Check out their write-up of Pixel Q’s fractional laser technology.

Long Island Medical Spa

The proof is in the testimonials

Take a look at this online diary to see for yourself how well fractional laser technology works.  The business of looking beautiful shouldn’t involve knives and tucks and nips and surgeries with names you can’t even pronounce.  Spend less than an hour getting a few zaps, and get on with your life.  You’ve got things to do.

So this Valentine’s day, when you’re enjoying the fruits of minimally invasive technology, take a look around at the other women in the restaurant, and remind yourself that you’ve got a leg up on the competition because you’ve learned of the whole wide world outside of plastic surgery.