Get Some Behind-the-Scenes Help With Your #NoMakeup Selfie

So, there’s this hashtag going around called #makeupfree, and it’s picking up a lot of steam.  It’s essentially celebrities posting pictures of themselves without any makeup.

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We love the idea of people getting comfortable in their own skin, and especially when celebrities post pictures of themselves and try to prove they’re just like us.

But let’s be serious.  We’re not all celebrities, and we all don’t look like Bar Rafaeli when she takes a #makeupfree selfie.  And we can pretty much guarantee you that they’ve got some serious behind-the-scenes help on keeping their skin looking fresh and bright, regardless of how much makeup their faces have seen.

long island medical spa
I don’t look like this WITH my foundation, let alone without it.

So, why let celebrities cash in on all the fun?  You can take an amazing sans-makeup selfie as well, because you’ll have us on your side to help you.

Seeing some wrinkles in that selfie?  Then consider fractional laser resurfacing at our Long Island Medical Spa to get rid of pesky wrinkles and brown spots.  We’ve written before about the topic , but we really can’t overstate how tackling your wrinkles from the inside out is the only way to assure they’re gone for good.  And we’ve got a system that delivers six times the power of traditional C02 Fractional Laser applications.

But the best way to keep wrinkles at bay is to take the preemptive strike to never get them in the first place.  And we all know the fastest way to get wrinkles (and worse, cancer): too much sun exposure.

Here at our Long Island Medical Spa, we offer the much safer alternative, spray tanning.   A touch up on your spray tan every couple of weeks will give you that natural glow you still want to see in your selfies, regardless of weather you have bronzer on or not.

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You’ll look just like Jessica Alba!

But for those who have already seen their day in the sun, there’s the self-improvement staple: Botox.  Only needing to be maintained every 3-6 months, Botox injections will give you that fresh, young look that all the kids have in the #nomakeup selfies.  People will be confusing you with your daughter.  It’s every woman’s dream.

Long Island Medical Spa
And you’ll look WAY better than Adele.

We’re living in a world where it’s suddenly encouraged to take hundreds of pictures of your own face.  Even going to work without makeup can be terrifying, so we’re always here, behind-the-scenes, to help you post your beautiful face with pride for the world to see.