How Your Long Island MediSpa Can Save You Time and Money

Think about all the time you spend shaving and waxing. A recent study showed that most women spend about 72 days of their lives shaving their legs and over $10,000 in a lifetime on shaving supplies. That’s 1,728 hours. And women hate this ritual more than any other aspect of beauty maintenance, including tweezing eyebrows.

Long Island MediSpa

What if you had those two and a half months and ten grand back? What would you do? Rent a house on the Amalfi Coast? Invest in a few good pairs of shoes? Learn to play piano?

Well, after you invest in laser hair reduction at your Long Island medispa, you can have at least most of that time and money back.

How laser hair reduction works

Laser technology has made hair reduction easy. It works through controlled energy pulses that hit the pigment of the hair follicle beneath the skin. These pulses last just a fraction of a second, and a cooling hand piece protects the skin after the laser treatment. Our laser emits near-infrared light that hits a wider area than older models, so it takes less time to reduce hair, without anesthetics or gels.

Long Island MediSpa

Because we want to treat hair follicles at all cycles of growth, it’s good to wait between 4 and 12 weeks for your next treatment. It usually takes more than one treatment and sometimes as many as six, depending on how hairy your area is. Facial treatments typically require more visits than back and legs.

How to prepare for laser hair reduction

Before treatment, don’t remove hair by the root for up to 6 weeks before treatment. It’s okay to shave, unless you’re booking a Touch Up appointment. Then it’s important for our technicians to see hair thickness to determine treatment. If you’re coming in for face treatment, make sure you aren’t wearing makeup. Oh, and no tanning products at least a month before you come in, too.

To start saving time and money on shaving or waxing, call our Long Island Medispa for a free consultation!