Laser Hair Reduction in New York

Experience the best laser hair reduction in New York at Truth + Beauty Spa!  Truth + Beauty’s laser hair reduction treatment is quick and painless, leaving you with flawlessly hairless and smooth skin!  To book a consult online, click here.

Facial Hair Removal

Permanently remove unwanted facial hair without the painful, messy process of waxing!  Truth + Beauty’s laser hair reduction in New York is ideal for all skin types and is completely safe.  Our diode laser provides quick and painless permanent hair reduction.

Laser Hair Reduction Truth and Beauty
Permanently remove unwanted facial hair with laser hair reduction at Truth + Beauty!

Unwanted Baby Hairs

Are unwanted baby hairs getting in the way?  Clean up your hairline permanently with laser hair removal treatments available in Roslyn, New York!  Your perfect up-do will thank you later.  Click here to watch a laser hair removal treatment of baby hairs at Truth + Beauty Spa.

Laser Hair Removal,

Body Hair Removal

If you want effortlessly smooth legs all year long, you’re going to love the results from Truth + Beauty’s laser hair removal treatments!  Most clients require 1-6 visits for optimal results, depending on the area, hair growth and density and more.  Using LightSheer technology, our lasers emit highly-concentrated light to inhibit the growth of hair.  During the procedure, the laser pulses for a fraction of a second, which is just long enough to heat the hair and impede the hair follicle’s ability to re-grow!  Truth + Beauty’s laser hair removal process treats many hair follicles at once, ideal for the treatment of large areas in a short amount of time.

Laser Hair Reduction
Laser hair reduction eliminates the need to shave or wax!

Worried about discomfort?  The LightSheer treatment utilizes a special cooling hand piece to protect and cool the skin before, during and after each laser pulse, minimizing any discomfort!

In just a few laser hair removal sessions, you will achieve flawless results for a lifetime.

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