Liposonix is the Hero New Moms Need

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think anyone gains ONLY the recommended amount of weight during pregnancy.  It’s too easy to become a walking mass of food consumption (and why shouldn’t we be?  We’re eating for two!). 

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Unfortunately, this usually translates into excess skin after pregnancy that no amount of skin-tightening tips on the Internet can fix, no matter how aggressive the methods may seem.  Creams and lotions, high protein diets, and exercise are all just poor solutions to a much more abrasive problem, and we need a better fix.

Since new mothers usually take a few months to get back to the pre-baby shape – if we EVER get there at all — why not speed the process along a little?

Long Island Medical Spa

That’s why we at our Long Island MediSpa are proud to offer Liposonix, a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that uses high intensity ultrasound to break down fat so it can be metabolized.

Liposonix works best for those stubborn areas that no amount of exercise seem to target.  Love handles, stomach pooch, and extra underarm skin (lovingly referred to as “batwings” by some) are three areas that can see up to two inches in reduction after Liposonix gets involved.  That’s why this procedure is perfect for the new mom.

We get it; the pressure to look good and snap back to your old self after your baby is born can be intense.  Hey, we live in Long Island, and the pressure to look good here is omnipresent.

Think of Liposonix as a body contouring tool.  While it won’t magically transform an extremely overweight person into a supermodel, it WILL give you the definition and body shape you’ve always been striving for, but been unable to get through crunches and curls at the gym.  Liposonix destroys fat cells for good.  That means they’re never coming back, ever.  We like the sound of that.

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And not only is the recovery time minimal, Liposonix is FDA approved, meaning it has been deemed completely safe.  No more worries about going under the knife.  And hey, you have a new baby, you shouldn’t be putting yourself through any surgeries anyway!

Stay safe, stay sexy, and stay up-to-date with the latest beauty technology.  Let your Long Island MediSpa do the work for you.