Liposonix Roslyn New York

Truth + Beauty Spa offers Liposonix in Roslyn, New York.  Liposonix is the ultimate weight loss solution!  Lose one dress size during a one-hour treatment at Truth + Beauty in Roslyn. New York.

Liposonix Roslyn New York

Liposonix Roslyn New York

Roslyn New York Fat Melting Solution

At Truth + Beauty Spa we strive to provide the latest treatments with the best results.  Now is the time to book your Liposonix Roslyn New York treatment!  Experience real results after a single treatment.

Liposonix is the perfect fat melting solution for men and women!

Liposonix is the best way fat melting treatment for your abdomen, half-abdomen, sides, underarms, bra fat and saddle bags.  After a single Liposonix treatment, the average patient looses about 1 inch around their waist.  8-12 weeks after your fat melting treatments, your body will naturally process and permanently remove your destroyed fat tissue.  You will love your weight loss results!

Non-Invasive Fat Melting


Shopping around for the perfect non-invasive fat melting procedure?  Liposonix utilizes utra-sound energy to safely and effectively melt stubborn fat.  Ultrasound energy has been used in clinical trials for over 50 years.  This non-invasive fat melting treatment requires no downtime.  Most clients can resume normal activities after their Liposonix treatment.  There is no post-care needed.

What to Expect:  Liposonix Roslyn New York

Truth + Beauty medical spa in Roslyn New York can target your stubborn body fat!

Achieve a flatter stomach with Liposonix!  Truth + Beauty Spa offers Liposonix Roslyn New york, the ultimate non-invasive fat melting procedure.  A single treatment can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.  During your fat melting treatment, you will experience minimal to moderate discomfort, as well as a warm, tingling sensation.  For patients who have a sensitive temperament, take a pain medication 30 to 60 minutes prior to your treatment.  Say goodbye to your problem areas with Liposonix Roslyn New York.


After treatment, bruising is common and typically resolves within 2 weeks. Minor swelling may last approximately 2-3 weeks. Redness may occur and typically resolves within a few hours.

Liposonix Roslyn New York