Meet Dr. Jennifer Levine

Truth + Beauty Spa in Roslyn Heights, New York offers both non-invasive and surgical medical spa services.  We welcome you to meet Dr. Jennifer Levine, a double-board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who delivers amazing results!

dr jennifer levine truth + beauty spa

Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery

We are proud to work closely with Dr. Levine to provide exemplary aesthetic and cosmetic surgery in the Long Island area.  From the top FDA approved skin tightening treatment Ulthera, to facial rejuvenation techniques and non-invasive body contouring and sculpting procedures, Dr. Levine can help you achieve your ideal end result.

Medical Services


Dr. Levine offers a variety of medical services to suit your needs.  Erase fine lines and wrinkles with neurotoxins such as Botox, or add volume with dermal fillers.  We also love Sculptura Aesthetic, which is the only facial injectable designed to stimulate your own collagen with long term results.

Injectables Packages

Watch Dr. Levine give Truth + Beauty Spa’s Cori Goldfarb the True Liquid Lift, as seen on Fox 5 News.

Dr. Jennifer Levine True Liquid Lift

Truth + Beauty offers injectable packages including the True Liquid Lift and True Wrinkle Transformation.  All injectable packages include ice packs and a “two week tweak” to ensure you achieve your ideal goal.  Dr. Levine combines her medical experience, an artist’s eye, a surgeon’s skilled hands and a woman’s perspective when performing injectable services.  As a double board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon specializing in aesthetic and cosmetic surgery, you can enter Truth + Beauty Spa knowing you are in good hands.

The True Liquid Lift is a combination of Botox and Dermal Fillers to relax and refill the skin to drastically form you back to your “true self”.

The True Wrinkle Transformation is a combination of Ulthera ultrasound therapy, Botox and Dermal Fillers to relax, refill and reposition skin to drastically transform you back to the “true you”.

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