Moment of Truth

Can you handle the truth?  Experience our advanced skincare analysis, the “Moment of Truth” at Truth + Beauty!  Our Moment of Truth skincare analysis determines your skin’s quality and health when compared to others in your age bracket.  Once we have determined your skin’s needs we can customize a treatment plan for flawless skin.  Book a consult for your Moment of Truth here.


In-Depth Skin Analysis

Identify and eliminate issues with redness, pore size, signs of aging, sun damage and more with our in-depth skin analysis.  The process is quick and pain free, utilizing multiple camera lenses and filters.  Our camera lenses and filters capture the appearance and essence of your skin in the most thorough way possible in just a few minutes.


The 8 Skin Features

Truth + Beauty’s “Moment of Truth” skincare analysis reviews the 8 skin features which determine your skin’s health.  We are able to identify spots, distinguishable by their distinct color and contrast, such as hyper-pigmentation and acne scars.  Reveal your true pore size, wrinkle furrows, skin texture, porphyrins, UV spots and red and brown spots; once your skin’s personal issues are highlighted we are able to proceed with the ideal treatment for perfect results.


Truth + Beauty Face Treatments

Once you’ve discovered what your skin needs, we are able to feature which Truth + Beauty face treatments are necessary.  Our full spa menu of facial treatments includes facials, chemical peels, intense pulsed laser treatments and more.  Ask about our take home products to continue your regiment between Truth + Beauty appointments.  Book a consult online here.