Nassau County Botox

Book your Nassau County Botox at Truth + Beauty medical spa!  Truth + Beauty is a med spa featuring a full menu of injectables including Botox.  Erase wrinkles and fine lines with a Nassau County Botox treatment today!

Nassau County Botox


Nassau County Botox appointments are available at Truth + Beauty.  Truth + Beauty is a medical spa located in Roslyn Heights, New York.  Experience a more youthful appearance after one appointment.  Your Nassau County Botox appointment will leave you with real results!

Why Choose Botox


Botox is an effective way to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.  A neurotoxin, Botox helps to stop the targeted areas from pulling at the skin.  This injectable is a great option for those looking to non-surgically improve their appearance.  Botox is great for target areas such as the forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet and more.

Non-Surgical Botox


Nassau County Botox is a non-surgical way to treat wrinkles.  This is a great treatment for patients who want results without going under the knife.  Using a thin needle, the neurotoxin will be injected to your targeted area(s).  Though minor swelling and bruising may occur, this treatment requires no downtime.  Results from your Nassau County Botox treatment will last anywhere from three months to several years.  Maintain your youthful appearance with Nassau County Botox touch up appointments at Truth + Beauty!