Nassau County Men’s Spa Treatments

Men deserve to look and feel their best too!  Nassau County’s Truth + Beauty Spa offers men’s spa treatments in Nassau County.  Men + U features a variety of spa treatments specifically tailored for a man’s face, body and more!

Men + U:  Men’s Spa Treatments Nassau County


From manscaping to Lipsonix fat melting, Men + U offers a variety of men’s spa treatments in Nassau County.

Book all of your spa treatments in one place!  Truth + Beauty’s Men + U offers every spa treatment you’re looking for in Nassau County.  Nassau County’s best medical spa, Truth + Beauty encourages you to come in for a consultation today.

Men’s Spa Treatments Nassau County:  Face

Truth + Beauty’s Men + U features a variety of facials for men.

Revamp your skin with Men + U!  Our men’s menu features everything from facials to laser treatments, chemical peels, microneedling to fit your needs.  Facials are ideal for keeping your skin cleansed, toned and free of dirt and environmental pollution.  Schedule your facial treatments in advance so you never have to worry about acne again!  Need something else?  Chemical peels reduce melasma, clear up acne, reduce fine lines, tighten large pores and always leave your skin glowing and smooth!

Body Treatments for Men


Remove unsightly hair for a smooth, sexy chest to show off your abs!  Truth + Beauty Spa offers painless hair removal; this treatment can rid both small and large areas of hair painlessly.  Melt stubborn fat away in a single one-hour treatment with Lipsonix, and clear back acne with The Bacial!

Men’s Spa Treatments Nassau County:  Injectables


No one has to know your secret for looking your best!  Brotox is the ultimate solution for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.  Book a consult at Truth + Beauty in Nassau County to discuss which injectables are best for you!