North Shore Botox

Shopping around the North Shore for Botox?  Truth + Beauty Spa is a medical spa in Roslyn Heights, New York offering a variety of services for your face and body.  Erase wrinkles with Botox in North Shore today.

North Shore Botox


The best place for North Shore botox is Truth + Beauty Spa!  Botox is a neurotoxin which smooths and reduces fine lines.  Once you arrive at Truth + Beauty medical spa in the North Shore, a consultation will identify your skincare goals.  After you have discussed which areas you would like to target with Botox, the procedure will begin.

About Neurotoxin Injectables


Neurotoxin injections act to block nerves from activating the facial muscles.  Once Botox is injected into the face, the target muscles are unable to contract normally.  When the targeted facial musicles stop contracting, they stop pulling the overlying skin; this causes fine lines and wrinkles to smooth.

North Shore Botox:  What to Expect


Truth + Beauty Spa is the perfect destination for North Shore Botox!  If this is your first time receiving North Shore Botox, here’s what to expect.  A small needle filled with neurotoxin fillers is injected into the targeted area to smooth wrinkles and reduce fine lines.  Botox injections can last anywhere from three months to several years.  Maintain your North Shore Botox at Truth + Beauty Medical Spa with periodic touch ups.  Patients may experience swelling or minor bruising which will fade within a few days.  Remember not to rub the treated area, as you do not want to disturb the fillers.