Roslyn Heights New York Botox

Roslyn Heights New York Botox at Truth + Beauty is the perfect med spa treatment to erase wrinkles.  Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles with Roslyn Heights New York Botox at Truth + Beauty today!  The benefits of Botox are limitless.


Roslyn Heights New York Botox


Injectables are the ultimate non-surgical solution.  Truth + Beauty medical spa in Roslyn Heights New York offers a full injectables menu.  Smooth fine lines and wrinkles and restore collagen that has been lost due to your body’s natural aging process!  Botox leaves you with natural, lasting results without having to go under the knife.

The Benefits of Botox


Want all of the benefits of a surgical facelift without the downtime?  Book Your Roslyn Heights New York Botox appointment at Truth + Beauty Spa today!  The benefits of botox are endless.  From restoring your skin’s youthful, supple bounce to alleviating migraines, this is an amazing medical spa treatment.  During your appointment we will consult to discuss your problem areas.  Once identified, we will explain how we are going to go about achieving your ideal results.  Afterward, a small needle will be injected into your target areas; this process is not painful, though some bruising may occur.

About Botox and Dermal Fillers


Achieve a flawless look even if you have sensitive skin with natural dermal fillers.  Natural dermal fillers utilize ingredients already found in your body, lessening the chances of an adverse reaction.  At Truth + Beauty we use only the finest quality fillers for your experience.

During Treatment


We are here to make your Botox treatment as seamless as possible!  During your appointment we will inject dermal fillers beneath the skin of your target area using a small needle.  Though you may experience swelling or minor bruising around the treated area, no downtime is required; any bruising or swelling will fade within a few days.  We urge all our patients at Truth + Beauty not to rub the area recently treated with dermal fillers to keep the filler material in place and undisturbed.  You will notice results instantly and treatments can last from six months up to several years!  Maintain your look with Roslyn Heights New York Botox at Truth + Beauty!