Secrets and Wives’ Cori Goldfarb

Truth + Beauty Spa founder Cori Goldfarb is coming to a screen near you June 2nd at 10 p.m.! Bravo has launched a hot new reality show, Secrets and Wives, highlighting the luxe lives of a group of close friends living in Old Westbury, Roslyn and Syosset.  Read The New York Posts’ article discussing Secrets and Wives here.

Image via The New York Post

The series will let viewers into the lives of family, friendship and living in the New York Suburbs.

Truth Beauty Spa Cori Goldfarb
Truth + Beauty founder Cori Goldfarb of Bravo’s Secrets and Wives

Truth + Beauty recently interviewed Roslyn, New York’s Cori Goldfarb; here’s what she had to say.

TB: What is the premise of Secrets & Wives?

CG: The premise of S+W is we are all women entering the next phase of our adult lives.  It deals with the everyday challenges of being in relationships, marriages, bringing up children, etc.

TB: What made you decide to join the show?

CG: I joined the show because I am friends with all the women and it felt right.  We are all supportive of one another in all that is taking place in our lives! It’s a “women rule” vibe and I love that!

TB: How do you feel about putting your life out there for all to see?

CG: I feel a little nervous about putting my life out there because you open yourself up for public ridicule; however, I was honest and open so I have nothing to hide.

TB: What do you think people will be most surprised to learn about you & Sandy? 

CG: I’m not sure that Sandy and I have anything that will surprise people!  We are truly compatible and we love a lot of the same things! Great music, food, travel, the Hamptons (which is our happy place) and working out! Oh yes, and we can be competitive when we play games! He usually wins when we play backgammon!

TB: The description of the show mentions following the group through life-altering transitions.  What transition will we be following in your life on the show? 

CG: The transitional period in my life that the show will highlight is that everything has changed!  The only thing that remains the same in our lives is that our family comes first and at the end of the day we did everything for our family!  For most of my children’s lives I have been a stay at home mom who has always worked part time in the jewelry business.  But that changed when the floor of the mercantile exchange went computerized and floor trading became extinct! That’s what Sandy did for 30 years! I had a vision and Sandy believed in it and supported it, so Truth + Beauty was born! It is a labor of love that comes with challenges such as working together, investing millions and the changing dynamic of the household.  It has been life altering to say the least! I am working so hard for my family and the show lets you into our lives that are truly relatable!