Shake the Winter Blues with a Long Island Medi Spa Session

Okay, enough already with the polar vortex! We get the point, Winter — it’s time to stop showing off. What with all the cold, dry air, cloudy days, and excessive amounts of indoor time — we can’t help but be suffering from the Winter Blues! Can we get with the program and get back to feeling good again? The New Year just began, and feeling blah is not how we at Truth + Beauty Spa really want to feel right now — and we know you don’t either! So, it’s time for us to shake the Winter Blues and enjoy a nice, long medi spa session. (Seriously, that puffer jacket/messy ponytail/dry skin look you’re sporting is really getting old — better hearing it from us than from your man.)

Now, if you’re ready to stop actually looking like the couch you’ve been lounging on for months and the potato that has made up most of your carb-heavy meals, here’s the fool-proof way to looking and feeling pretty again — the Long Island medi spa way.

1. When Hairy Met Wax-y

Okay, who are you kidding — you know you’ve keeping yourself warm with more than “layers” the last couple of months. You’ve practically given wool panties a whole new meaning — but we get it. Really, who has time to take care of all of that when it’s freezing? Point is: It’s time to clean it up. For a short-term solution (because you know he’s getting antsy), stop by for a quick and easy wax.

You’ll be in an out within 30 minutes, and no one will ever know what happens when you hibernate for winter…The better recommendation? Come in for a wax, and don’t leave without making an appointment for your first laser-hair removal treatment. It’ll make next winter a lot more sexy — for everyone.

2. Red is Not Your Color

Just because Valentine’s Day is coming up doesn’t mean you should be dressed in red head-to-toe. (Also, buy a new dress this year, and please retire that old rag you were planning on wearing this year.) The icy, dry air tends to make us all a little red in the face, and not only is the look unflattering, it also makes you look drab and old. The time to rejuvenate couldn’t be more appropriate.

The best solution to sluff off dry winter skin and redness is with one of our Redness Reducing Cleansing Facial that uses the special HydraFacial Technology. There’s not one TruBu gal here who can’t say enough good things about this magic facial that removes dead skin cells and extracts impurities while simultaneously bathing the new skin with cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing serums. Best part? It takes 30 minutes, and results are instant. Get one once a month and never look like Rudolph again.

3. Get Out of [the Tanning] Bed

Some women are born perfectly beautiful — they aren’t hairy or fat; they never develop stretch marks, redness or age spots. And those women are liars because we see them in here all the time. Who are we to kid ourselves? Outer beauty takes maintenance, and there’s no shame in that. Winter takes a huge toll on a woman’s skin, and once you’re finished with the waxing and cleansing, it’s time to put a color back into your skin.

Bake in the sun and you’re just going to age faster; get into a tanning bed and — who knows what you’ll catch in that filthfest…The best solution here is a quick, pain-free and safe spray tan. Start with an pre-tan exfoliating spray, then follow it up with a gorgeous spray tan — and you’re outta there looking and feeling like a new woman.

Winter Blues? Not here!