Shed The Fur Coat Forever, with a Long Island Medical Spa’s Help

Let’s talk hair.  More specifically, let’s talk hair on your body that you want gone forever.  We all have some, and we need it fixed.

Shaving and waxing are child’s play when it comes to certain types of hair.  We’ve all had areas we don’t want to run a razor over, for fear of the hair growing back coarser and thicker.  And we want it gone for good, not coming back with a vengeance.

Enter, the LightSheer Duet by Lumenis, which offers the largest spot-treatment for laser hair reduction on the market.  Larger spot treatment means faster procedures,…up to 75% faster, in fact.

Long Island Medical Spa

Ditch The Razor For Good

The Duet uses controlled pulses of energy to reach and damage hair follicles under the surface of your skin, while cooling the top layer of your skin to protect it.  It’s faster and easier than waxing or shaving, and completely permanent.  No more stubble, no more ingrown hairs, no more scary waxing experiences at the salon that leave you feeling violated.

But at our Long Island Medical Spa, we want hard science behind the products and machines we endorse.  We want safety, reliability, and most of all, we want results.  And the LightSheer Duet passes with flying colors.

Faster, Easier, More Comfortable

Traditional hair reduction practices might work as well as the LightSheer Duet, but it’s the speed and comfort of Lumenis’s laser hair reduction tool that gets people on board.  Participants in clinical trials reported reduced pain than other hair reduction methods, because LightSheer spot treats in a single pass.

See For Yourself

Here’s a video, courtesy of Lumenis and complete with an awesome soundtrack, to break down the process of eliminating hair for good:

So, not only is the procedure virtually pain-free, it doesn’t use any topical anesthetic because its vacuum-assist technology reduces pain.  That means no goo all over your body and on your clothes, no lengthy preparation that feels like you’re about to have ultrasound, and no more spending hours at the spa.

So when you’re ready to take control of a hairy situation (pun intended), why battle your fur with waxes and razorblades, when you could be fighting with lasers?  We’re a Medical Spa in Long Island that believes in arming yourself with the best possible technology to achieve the highest level of beauty.   If you want smooth, soft skin for life (and we know you do), stop by for a consultation, and ditch the fur coat for good.