Skin Tightening Treatments

At Truth + Beauty Spa we want you to look and feel like the best version of yourself, with our full menu of skin tightening treatments.  Achieve a subtle lift or firm a problem area with non-invasive skin tightening treatments such as Forma or Ultherapy, or a combination of the two.  Non-invasive skin tightening is a fabulous way to subtly reverse the clock and revitalize your skin’s youthful elasticity.

Skin Tightening Truth + Beauty



Ultherapy is the only FDA-cleared procedure to non-invasively lift the eyebrow, neck and under chin.  Recently, Ultherapy was FDA-cleared to improve decolletage lines and wrinkles as well, making it the ultimate procedure you should add to your skincare routine!  Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology to lift, tighten and tone, and everyone from Courtney Cox to Kathy Lee Gifford uses to maintain a youthful silhouette.  The ultrasound energy which is delivered to the skin’s foundational layer stimulates collagen production without ever having to cut or disrupt the surface of the skin.  It only takes one Ultherapy procedure to notice a difference, and no downtime is required!  To book a consult, click here.


Forma Truth + Beauty

Stimulate the formation of new collagen while improving your skin’s elasticity with Forma!  Forma is another result-yielding non-invasive skin tightening treatment which requires no downtime.  A Hollywood favorite, Forma treatments are often referred to as “Red Carpet Mini-Facelifts”, as they immediately give your sin a revived and naturally lifted appearance.  During your Forma treatment, radio frequency currents flow between electrodes, providing a comfortable thermal experience while built-in temperature controls allow for clinically proven optimal epidermal temperatures.  Ideal for both small and large areas, Forma effectively tightens, tones and lifts without surgery.

Come in for a Moment of Truth to be the best version of yourself, from head to toe!  To book a consult online, click here.