Spa Treatments for Flawless Skin

Skip your makeup and let your skincare regimen shine through; Truth + Beauty offers spa treatments for flawless skin.  Currently, celebrities are trading in their makeup bag and stepping out with blemish-free skin.  Discover what your skin needs with our Moment of Truth skin analysis; afterward we can select the custom treatments necessary to enhance and perfect your natural skin.  Book a consult online here.

Kim Kardashian stunned at Balenciaga by wearing no makeup!

Dark Spot Treatments


Reverse the signs of sun damage with dark spot treatments!  Truth + Beauty offers Intense Pulsed Light treatments aimed to erase any dark spots by penetrating heat into the skin to increase collagen production.  Intense Pulsed Light treatments are ideal for the face, hands, legs, chest and more!  View our laser treatments here.  We also offer the perfect take home products to properly treat your dark spots.

Redness and Acne Marks


Erase redness and acne marks with a combination of treatments at Truth + Beauty!  Ask your Truth + Beauty professional if IPL treatments coupled with regular facials and chemical peels is right for you.  Pre-scheduling your facials and skincare treatments are a great way to keep your skin blemish-free.  View our face treatments here.

Plump and Smooth


Plump and smooth your skin with dermal fillers!  Dermal fillers are ideal for reducing the appearance of wrinkles, contouring the face and creating volume.  If you have sensitive skincare concerns, consider natural dermal fillers; these fillers use ingredients already found in your body, so they are less likely to react with your skin.  Truth + Beauty medical spa in Roslyn Heights, New York offers FDA-approved natural fillers with hyaluronic acid or collagen as the major active ingredient.