Spring Beauty Solutions: 4 Services to Make You Look Great Again

Okay, enough with all the winter weather already! We don’t know about you, but Mother Nature has been a real diva this season switching between hot and cold and dry and icy just about every other day. We’ve just about had it with this neverending winter and are just counting down the days until Spring finally arrives (March 20)! Now, if you’re like any normal woman, you probably look a little — well, let’s just be honest — gross after such a brutal Winter. It’s okay — it happens to the best of us. But that’s the beauty of our Long Island medi spa — it’s a one-stop-shop for creating the perfect cocktail of beauty services that’ll get you looking great again. So, no more trying to hide under the hoods of your incredibly unflattering puffer jackets. It’s time to take some action! Here are four Spring beauty solutions to make you look great again!

1. For Your Tired Face: Cell Renewal Fix

If you’ve got 30 minutes to complete your nightly beauty routine, then you’ve got enough time to stop in for the a-mazing cell renewal fix treatment. This magic beauty solution is perfect for dull and aging skin and has no down time. The technique called Micro-needling creates tiny breaks in the blood platelets right below the skin that releases a series of growth factors. What does all that mean? Just that this revolutionary procedure helps promote the growth of collagen and elastin, which are exactly what your skin needs to look and stay looking fresh and youthful. Seriously — you haven’t felt rejuvenated until you’ve tried this magical service! Check out a video of it here: Cell Renewal Fix.

2. For Your Imperfect Skin: True Scar and Stretch Mark Transformation

As if gaining weight and giving birth weren’t enough to put a woman through, there’s the the added bonus of scars and stretch marks we get to live with to remind us of those oh-so-joyous times of our lives. Luckily for women, technology is on our side — even if Mother Nature (that traitor) isn’t. Don’t feel disgusted when you start shedding all those layers this Spring and end up at a sight full of scars and stretch marks — because you know all that shea and cocoa butter is not helping.  The True Scar and Stretch Mark Transformation service uses a combination of a deep CO2 laser application combined with an injection of Platelet Rich Plasma to resurface scars and stretch marks and replenishes them with growth factors from your own blood. (Fancy talk again for helping your body to create fresh, new skin cells!) With a couple of days down time, you can just about pretend the stork really drop those kids off at your doorstep.

3. For Your Extra Pounds: 14-Day-Detox Program

Alright there’s no point in pretending that we don’t all grab an extra cookie after dinner and add some extra cheese to our meals during Winter. Hibernation [and overeating] during Winter is just a natural way of life — but there’s no excuse for looking like it once the clothes come off in Spring. As you get back into your normal fitness routine, work on cleansing your body of the extra  — fluff you accumulated over the last few months. The 14-day detox therapy is a low allergen and anti-inflammatory that contains foods that naturally flush out the toxins your body builds up through water, food, personal care products and air supplies. It’s the perfect solution to feel reenergized and a new sense of vitality after the sluggish winter months (and all that overeating).

4. For Your New Wrinkles: True Liquid Lift

Let’s be real — age really only favors men. While they get better and more rugged looking as they get older, the wrinkles that scatter an aging woman’s face are just telling of — well, how old she is — and who wants that? Night creams and sunscreens are great, but when it comes time to see some real results, drop in for the revolutionary True Liquid Lift. In about an hour, you’ll be transformed back to the youthful you through a procedure that involves an injections of neurotoxins and fillers. There’s no downtime for recovery, so you’ll look more than just refreshed by the time you walk out the door. Now that’s a Spring beauty solution!

Do you have a special routine that you practice before the Spring season? Tell us below in the comments!