How to Handle Holiday Stress on Your Skin

This Holiday Season, Put Your Best Face Forward!

  Stress on Your SkinFace it: There’s a lot to love about the holidays. Not just celebrating with family and friends, but a chance to put on the glam-and-glitz at some of the year’s best parties. Yet there’s holiday fun, and there’s holiday stress. Between shopping, wrapping, cooking, making travel plans maybe organizing parties and pageants for the kids, not to mention those (ugh) costumes it’s a non-stop seasonal whirlwind. And maybe your skin is showing it.

Even happy stress can leave it’s mark on your complexion: more breakouts, less radiance, a tired look….and ‘fess up: Yes, you’re busy, but have you been neglecting your skincare regimen? Bah, humbug!

So take that over scheduled December calendar and mark off some “just for me” time, now! Truth + Beauty has just the rejuvenating treatments you need to get glam in a flash.

Want to give your skin a quick lift, with instant results and no downtime? Indulge in a HydraFacial, and in less than an hour, you’ll emerge as a more stunning you. The HydraFacial is a gentle, noninvasive procedure that gives your complexion a stunning once-over…with cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and hydration. It’s the perfect lunch-hour lift: No pain, much gain.

If you want to go a bit deeper literally how about scheduling a Dermaplaning session? It’s another great no-downtime procedure that’s totally painless. Dermaplaning takes about an hour: Your Beauty Tech will use a special scalpel to gently scrape off the very top layer of skin, removing dead cells, shrinking pores and leaving your face looking brighter and more luminous. And check out these benefits: Dermaplaning removes tiny facial hairs, so makeup glides on more smoothly. It doesn’t use any chemicals, so it’s safe for those with sensitive skin and even those who are pregnant! Personally, it’s one of my favorite ways to get red-carpet ready for a big night out.

Now, if you can spare a little downtime and I promise the results will be worth it ¾collagen induction therapy, aka microneedling, will take years off your face in no time. Like so many great treatments, it’s painless and non-invasive. And the principle is simple: Special needles are carefully ”rolled” over the skin to penetrate the uppermost layers and encourage the production of new collagen. In response, skin will thicken and plump up, fine lines will be minimized, and your complexion’s overall texture will look amazing. True, you might want to “lay low” for a couple days of healing, so if microneedling is on your holiday list, plan early!

Of course, great skin relies on a great at home regimen and Truth + Beauty has fabulous new ways to get you glowing! If you’re already using our Truth Serums, you know they do a great job of keeping skin gorgeous between treatments. Now there’s something new in the mix: You + Routine Chemical Peel Pads for DIY mini-treatments right at home. Using some of the same acids that professionals use and generally used 1-2 times a week¾these mini-peel treatments gently exfoliate the skin to give you a smoother, brighter, healthier overall look. Your Beauty Tech will tell you all about it.

So this year, spend the holidays looking more beautiful than ever and ring the New Year prepared to make 2015 your most stunning year yet!