Sun Damage, Roslyn Heights

Sun damage, Roslyn Heights

Sun damage in Roselyn HeightsA sun-kissed afternoon can be delightful; a sun-damaged complexion is not! And yes…we all know the drill about applying sunscreen to shield our faces from those harmful UV rays. But sometimes, we’re not as careful as we should be and sometimes, sun damage appears years and even decades after sun exposure (those carefree teenage tanning years can take their toll). The result? The sun’s unsightly handiwork shows up on your face in the form of brown spots, sagging and a coarse skin texture. Yikes! In the past, there wasn’t much you could do to literally undo the cumulative effects of sun exposure. Now, all that’s changed! Today’s newest techniques allow you to literally turn back time, eradicating sun damage and restoring skin’s youthful smoothness. Plus, you can pick from a variety of options, depending on your particular needs and wishes. At Truth + Beauty, we recommend starting with a digital skin analysis to assess the precise level of sun damage. Our VISIA™ uses advanced photographic technology to get a close-up, multi-dimensional image of your complexionnot just on the surface, but even below the skin line. The machine is precise enough to spot signs of pigmentation that are invisible now, but ready to make their way to the skin’s surface shortly. Once we have a literal “picture” of your skin’s condition, your Beauty Coach can recommend a program. One option would be a three-step regimen, designed to focus on eliminating brown spots and improving skin texture. First, you’d start lightening the skin with a product containing Hydroquinone (or Kojic Acid, an alternative for more sensitive skin). Both ingredients work to bleach the skin, even out its tone and lighten brown spots. Once surface skin has been sufficiently lightened, it’s time to work on the deeper sun damage not yet visible using a non-invasive therapy called Intense Pulsed Light. The IPL recognizes melanin (brown spots) or hemoglobin (broken blood vessels); it heats up these structures that hold the unsightly color and destroys them. Within 7 to 10 days, the damaged cells rise to the surface and get sloughed off. Now that this deep level of pigmentation have been banished, the third step would be a set of chemical peels to remove dead layers on your complexion’s surface allowing new, rejuvenated skin to grow back in its place. If you seek an even more dramatic result, the CO2 Fractional Laser is the new gold standard in fact, it’s been hailed as a the most exciting anti-aging breakthrough of the decade! The basic science: the CO2 resurfaces the skin using what’s called a fractionated method some skin is lasered off, leaving surrounding tissue intact to aid in healing. The CO2 basically eradicates every kind of damage the sun creates on your face: brown spots, uneven coloration, fine lines, lax skin structure, dullness and collagen loss. Best of all, it only takes one treatment even though that treatment is like having several non-invasive procedures done all at once. Once you’ve banished that Sun damage in Roselyn Heights, how do you ensure your complexion stays beautiful? Your Beauty Coach will steer you to the right Truth Serum to implement a smart maintenance program. And, your next smart move is to be sun-savvy: Always wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen when you’re outdoors, no matter how dark your natural complexion or what time of year (even the winter sun can be strong). Then your complexion will have its own glow that the sun can’t take away! For more information on Sun damage in Roselyn Heights, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for up to date information on our services by clicking HERE.