Cori Goldfarb

Founder and Creative Director, Truth + Beauty

Cori Goldfarb lives a stylish, fast paced and fulfilling life with energies and passion devoted to her four children, family, active involvement in the community and local charities… yet she still manages to find time to pursue one of her favorite passions: the science of beauty and anti-aging. As an educated consumer, she has consulted top dermatologists for specific treatments—and visited multiple spas and makeup counters to pursue her meticulous regimen of beauty and maintenance. Eventually, Cori asked a pivotal question: “Why can’t I go to one place for all of my needs?”

Her husband’s response was, “Build it yourself!” and so Truth + Beauty—a destination being hailed as the next generation in spas—was created. The flagship store opened in Fall 2012 in Roslyn, Long Island, the area Cori calls home.

Cori Goldfarb is the founder and Creative Director of Truth + Beauty, a virtual beauty playground for grown-ups! Here, clients can find customized laser procedures and products specifically chosen for their efficacy and transforming results. Her passion for the beauty industry—and her ceaseless appreciation for “the best of all things beautiful”—keeps her on the hunt for the market’s latest and most innovative products and services.

Calling herself a “beauty junkie”, Cori always been considered a tastemaker within her circle of friends and professional associates. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Maryland where her discerning eye for style won her an eventual position in New York City at Calvin Klein. At other points in her career, Cori worked as a fashion coordinator at Liberty Fabrics with famed swimwear designers Karla Koletta and Malia Mills.

Within her community, Cori’s many philanthropic efforts have won her much recognition and respect. She has devoted much of her time to several charitable organizations, including the UJA Federation, Heather on Earth and Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. UJA Federation is an organization that supports and strengthens the Jewish community; Cori lends her talents to oversee design elements for philanthropic events, as well as securing auction items for charity galas.

Now, Cori Goldfarb has brought her entrepreneurial zeal and creative vision to making Truth + Beauty one of the premier medspas nation-wide!