Tashia Chin

I visited the spa for the first time today because of an invitation by a close friend that was getting her monthly facial done. I was allowed to sit in as Dana did her facial… aaaaaaand it was such a pleasure meeting Dana!!! She’s quite excellent at her work and is very informative and personable… little did she know that I had been traumatized by my skin care journey since I was in elementary school (over 20 years) and she spoke so optimistically and encouraging about where my skin was and what I could do to improve it.. so much so that as I pull up to my house, I’m in so many tears as I write this message. I had to tell someone… I can’t remember hearing anyone, not even me, talk about my skin the way she did and it overwhelmed me. I’m so glad to have met her and can’t wait to have my next facial next week. Thank you so much Dana! See you soon!