The Dermabrush

Did you catch Truth + Beauty’s Cori Goldfarb on HSN promoting the amazing Dermabrush?  The Dermabrush is going to be your new favorite skincare tool, and now it’s available in three colors in-store at Truth + Beauty Spa!  What are the benefits of adding the Dermabrush to your skincare routine?  How effective is the Dermabrush in delivering results?  We’re here to give you all the details.

Dermabrush Truth and Beauty Spa

The Dermabrush Advanced Cleaning System

The Dermabrush is ideal for men and women!

Micro-massage your way to radiant skin!  The Dermabrush provides a deep clean while gently exfoliating dead skin cells, for smooth, clear skin.  The Dermabrush Advanced Cleaning System is a fabulous way to keep your skin looking facial-fresh between your Truth + Beauty visits.

Revitalize + Cleanse

Dermabrush Attachments Truth and Beauty Spa

Your new Dermabrush Advanced Cleaning System comes with the Dermabrush handle, facial brush attachment, facial sponge attachment, body brush attachment, the pumice stone attachment and four AA batteries!  With so many attachments, you can stay smooth from head to toe!

How to Use the Dermabrush

Pink Dermabrush Truth + Beauty
Our favorite Dermabrush color? Pink!

Using the Dermabrush is easy!  First, insert your preferred attachment into the brush head.  Next, dampen your skin and the Dermabrush attachment lightly with water.  Apply your favorite facial or body cleanser to your hands and massage over your face and/or body.  Turn your Dermabrush on and gently brush over your skin in a circular motion for about one minute; be sure to avoid the delicate eye area and other sensitive areas.  Once your minute of cleansing is up, turn off your Dermabrush, rinse your skin and brush head and voila!  Perfect skin in less than a minute!

Dermabrush Truth + Beauty Spa