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With our kids back from camp and preparing for school, there is one thing that’s on all of their minds…’How do I get rid of my zits?!?!’ This month I want to share some of my tips and solutions on how to get rid of acne… once and for all!

Acne ranges in severity from blackheads and whiteheads to nodules and cysts. Fluctuating hormone levels stimulate oil production which, in turn, clogs pores and causes pimples. With fluctuating hormones as the root cause for acne, you can assume that your teen has a few frustrating years ahead and you have a few expensive years ahead too!  As a mother of 4 daughters… I get it!  That’s why I created the True Teen Spa Menu and the Trubu Teen Program – two programs created to banish blemishes without breaking the bank!

True Teen

The True Teen menu is specifically designed for the daily changing skin care needs of teenagers.  This menu has the same powerful results as the adult menu but at a fraction of the cost. Perfect for all teens aged 13 – 19. Visit our True Teen Menu on our website at …

Trubu Teen Maintenance Program

Maintain clear, acne-free skin and receive significant savings by signing your child up for the Trubu Teen Maintenance program. Consistently stay on top of their acne with a monthly Teen Clean facial and receive a complimentary hair removal and brow shaping along with private invitations to sample sales. For $100 a month, you really can’t go wrong! Read more….

Visit us at Truth + Beauty and let us take care of your zits this month!