Ultherapy Simulator

Ultherapy is an FDA approved ultrasound procedure that can improve facial laxity by tightening the tissue at two levels. At Truth + Beauty, we have found a fun way for our clients to see how they would look before & have the procedure. Do you ever wish you could try on a treatment before having it done? Now you can! Use this simple results simulator tool to see what your Ultherapy® treatment results could look like. Start your simulation here.

To make the process a but easier we have a guide that will take you through the steps of this fun tool made by Ultherapy.com.

The first step is pretty easy. What results would you like to see? The simulator can lift your eyebrows, neck line, under chin and decolletage. Make as many as you would like to see changed. If you are curious about a few different procedures and not all of the, try not to select any unnecessary options. This could change the results of the simulator.


Be sure to follow the “Ensure success for your Simulation” instructions. A clear image will give your a better result. Try to avoid selfies and have a friend take the photo for you!

Once your photo is uploaded be sure to use the guide to compare. In our photo of Cori, even though she looks fabulous, it would not be a good image foe the simulator. The background is not solid and Cori’s beautiful bangs are down. For best results try to follow the sample image as best as you possibly can.


This step is pretty easy. An email will be sent to you with your image, so make sure the one that you use ends up being an email that you check regularly. Don’t forget to check your spam folder!

After you have confirmed your age, Ultherapy.com just wants to reminds you that they will be sending you an email of your simulated photo.

Give Ultherapy.com some time to simulate your photo. They will send an image within 24 hours to the email you gave them. Once you have received your photo take some time to reflect on the image of what you may look like. This is a fun way to understand what your Moment of Truth will be like after your visit. At Truth + Beauty we love making you happy! Contact us today to get a consultation to give you your desired look. Book Today!