Wedding Season is upon us. Are you ready?

Best Manicure Color for that Special Bling
Your left hand has become quite the subject of attention. Make sure your digits are perpetually manicured with colors that are best for displaying your new diamond-adorned finger. The best hues are the good old classic naturals. They’re simple enough to add just the right amount of polished shine without taking any of the attention away from your ring. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Nude – Regardless of the cut, style, color and metal of your ring, natural colored nails look great on any skin tone.
  • Pale Pink – For lighter skin tones, a pale pink offers a subtle complement to both your complexion and your ring. These classy shades are simple, sweet, feminine and not the least bit overbearing.
  • Natural White – For a darker skin tone, a nude white gives your nails a classy contrast without taking away from the sparkle of your new rock.

Additionally, remember that no one likes to see jagged talons. Keep your nails clipped short and filed slightly round and let your new icing speak for itself.