Weight Loss with HCG and Liposonix

Get thinner and sexier FASTER this January!

Weight Loss with HCG and Liposonix

Weight Loss with HCG and LiposonixAh, January. The splurge-a-thon of the holidays is over, and you’ve got two choices: settle in for a long winter’s nap or get your mojo back! If weight loss tops your New Year’s resolution list – face it, all the merrymaking of the last few weeks can take its toll – you may dread the thought of embarking on a deprivation diet or punishing workout regimen to get your figure back in primo shape.

Instead, imagine being able to lose those stubborn pounds without diet, exercise, surgical risks or recovery downtime. Sound like the stuff of fairy tales? Not at Truth + Beauty. Fact is, we’ve got several fabulous treatments that can melt those extra pounds away. And if your winter plans include a mid-February trip to someplace tropical, you’ll be swimsuit ready just in time.

Looking for overall weight loss? Truth + Beauty can give you an amazing jump-start, with one of the most effective programs around: The HCG diet. This amazing plan puts the power of hormones (the safe kind) to work to literally transform your body. HCG is a naturally occurring hormone, produced in large quantities when you’re pregnant. But this amazing hormone has another trick up its sleeve: Small amounts of it will signal your hypothalamus to release fat into the bloodstream. Pair that with a low-calorie diet, and you’ve got one of the most progressive weight loss plans to be found anywhere. Another plus: HCG works with your body. Unlike those crazy chemicals like ephedra (now banned) or huge amounts of caffeine, it won’t leave you keyed up and jittery. And face it: When you feel good, and you see those pounds melting away, it gives you incentive to stick with the plan. What’s not to love?

Or maybe you’ve decided 2015 is the year you finally target some of your figure’s problem areas – we’ve all got em! Saddlebags, bat wing, love handles: wouldn’t you love to retire those nicknames for good? Now, you can.

Weight Loss with HCG and Liposonix

Liposonix is one of Truth + Beauty’s most effective body contouring tools, designed to permanently banish fat from those problem areas for good. This cutting edge treatment which entails no cutting is the first non-invasive fat reduction technique, and it was approved by the FDA in 2011. So you know it’s safe.

Basically, Liposonix works by using high-intensity focused ultrasound waves to targeted parts of the body, such as the waistline or upper arms. In a single one-hour session, these sound waves penetrate skin to destroy subcutaneous fat cells and deliver effective, predictable results. Within 8 -12 weeks, the body will process and eliminate the treated fat, and you can be down a full pants (about one inch around your waist. (Psst…that’s just when you’ll be ready to plan a spring wardrobe.)

Unlike other treatments that use low-intensity waves and unfocused energy (read: temporary results) Liposonix penetrates deeply enough so that fat reduction is permanent. Kiss those love handles goodbye for good!

So what are you waiting for? Make 2015 your year to emerge as your slimmest, sexiest best. Truth + Beauty has all the tools you need all we need now is you.

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