You – Fur. How To Get The Perfect Shave Every Time!

Hi Trubus!

This one’s for the men! Follow these simple tips for a smooth shave every time….Shave


  • SHOWER – Always shave in the shower or immediately after, steam opens the pores
  • CLEANSE – Wash your face with a bar of soap or liquid cleanser. Shave without washing first, and you’ll trap dirt and grime in your pores, leading to bumps and blemishes.
  • APPLY PRE-SHAVE OIL – Shave oil is crucial in eliminating nicks, cuts, and irritation.


  • APPLY SHAVE CREAM – The cream should be spread over the oil. Wet the brush, then use it to whip the cream into a lather and spread it on in a circular motion.
  • THE SHAVE – A razor should always be drawn in the same direction that stubble grows. Regularly shaving in this direction lifts whiskers from their pores and prevents ingrown hairs. Begin shaving at the sideburn and work your way down. Save the neck for last. Always use long, even strokes, and rinse the blades frequently.


  • RINSE – When you are finished, splash your face repeatedly with cold water. Then gently pat your face dry with a towel.
  • AFTER-SHAVE CARE – There are two primary types of after-shave that will do the trick: alcohol-free toner, which is ideal for oily skin, and moisturizing balm with soothing benzocaine, which should be gently rubbed in until absorbed. Balm or moisturizer is a must for anyone with dry skin; if you have normal skin, you can use whichever you prefer.

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